What Are Shirtlessgrams?

The telegram just got a little hotter. Hold the singing. Add a funny, personalized poem and a side of Cupid's rock-hard abs. End it with a perfect cupcake!


Yes, size matters. It’s big, it’s delicious, and it’s made with care by Brooklyn’s own Buttermilk Bakeshop.


Hottie on the outside, a special personalized poem on the inside, all dipped in love and care. A keepsake for years to come.

Personalized Poem

Our poems are comparable to those of Shakespeare or Frost. Yep, compare them all you like. Their poems are better, but ours are fun and expertly read by Cupid.


What's included in a Shirtlessgram?

The recipient will be surprised at home, work, or wherever by a shirtless man in Cupid wings. Cupid will deliver a huge, fresh, delicious cupcake as he recites a hilarious poem, personized just for the recipient. As a souvenir, the recipient will get a card inscribed with their poem.

Is it like a singing telegram?

Well, sort of, but so much better! Less corny singing. More shirtless man. Also, we're much less expensive than a typical singing telegram.

Can I choose who delivers the Shirtlessgram?

Please let us select from our roster of hotties, all carefully screened! No really, we had formal auditions.

Where and when can Shirtlessgrams be delivered?

We can deliver a Shirtlessgram pretty much anywhere the recipient can be found! Home, restaurant, bar, office, etc. We would say Shirtlessgrams are SFW (Suitable For Work), but know your audience!

You'll be asked to choose a time slot when you place your order. Standard delivery times are 11am to 9pm.

How soon can you deliver my Shirtlessgram?

We request that you order your Shirtlessgram at least one day before delivery. Sorry, we can't currently handle same-day deliveries!

About Shirtlessgrams by ComicStrips

Shirtlessgrams is a new service from ComicStrips. We are a comedian-founded start-up entertainment company whose sole purpose is to deliver laughter and joy-with a little sexy on the side.

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